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Bruce Blackburn

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Having set up Servius Plc from scratch in 1999 Bruce has over 25 years of industry specific commercial experience in vehicle acquisition and finance working in both B2B and B2C asset finance markets. His experience over several economic cycles with as many political back-drops provides some insights into why some businesses and individuals succeed more than others when seeking out finance facilities and solutions. Customer centric and a passion for honesty and integrity, Bruce enjoys adopting a “can do” attitude in making every endeavour to meet client requirements a priority. Being quick to understand challenges and issues in an impartial and pragmatic way in support of problem solving and solution delivery has ensured an enviable loyalty from customers over the years. Strictly a “Monday to Friday” man Bruce is a big believer in operating a default diary but with room in the schedule to be flexible allowing for some spontaneity and the ability to address opportunities. The week is typically spent dealing with client requirements, adding to and strengthening the scope of the company’s products and services as well as networking with both large business groups and close knit iluminati.

Motor Dealers

We take the headache of setting up credit facilities for your business. We can make all applications for facilities and licences which allow you to sell your vehicle stock on finance.


About You

You will want one thing, finance, to satisfy your requirements . . . and you will want to know what your real options are that you can use to achieve your objectives.



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