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During the course of our dealings we come across a large number of business opportunities that offer possible new directions for business minded people with entrepreneurial tendencies.

In most cases our clients have products and services that they are trying to sell into the market and are always interested in making contact with professional sales and business development consultants.

It is very rare that these opportunities are “salaried” or “employment” based and so if you are not comfortable with self-generating or living by your own results it is very unlikely that you will be interested in the kind of arrangements for risk and reward that our clients operate.

You will be a seasoned professional, competent at every level  a sales driven executive manager who can pitch and negotiate whether 1 minute in a lift or 60 minutes in the board room – a professional networker comfortable with public speaking or presenting – sales projects & change management from conception to implementation – results driven, hands on involving sales strategies and structures – commercially sensitive with a forensic understanding of the sales transaction process – a good leader and a good follower – motivated by good relationships and results.

In terms of coping with line management and project management experience you will have an adaptable and flexible approach to business and relationships. Comfortable in challenging and constantly changing environments, with an enthusiastic approach to delivering an immediate impact, with a confident and articulated communication style. Quick to understand challenges and issues, in an impartial and pragmatic way, in support of problem solving and solution delivery.

CALL TO ACTION: If you are interested in exploring any current projects or opportunities we are aware of or have an open mandate to make introductions please email – – in the first instance attaching a copy of your most up to date CV – all communications will be treated in the strictest of confidence (please write “GUN FOR HIRE” subject line).

Motor Dealers

We take the headache of setting up credit facilities for your business. We can make all applications for facilities and licences which allow you to sell your vehicle stock on finance.


About You

You will want one thing, finance, to satisfy your requirements . . . and you will want to know what your real options are that you can use to achieve your objectives.



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