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How we make our money and how you are charged for our services.

Many finance organisations simply buy low and sell high on interest rate and take the difference in charges as a commission, fee or margin on sale. This leaves the client with higher prevailing interest charges over the life-time of any agreement which they are contractually obligated to make good – either through payments over the full term of the period or at any point the arrangement is settled early.

We don’t believe this way of charging to be in the best medium to long-term interest of the client – it is expensive. In addition to this, because Servius is operating across a highly complex and comprehensive spectrum of funding facilities addressing the whole of market requirements of multiple market sectors we have adopted a simple and easy to understand way of charging for our services.

C1. Arrangement Fee.

(a) Servius charges a fixed administration fee of £250 plus VAT or 2% of the LOAN AMOUNT after deposit whichever is the higher amount. Servius will become entitled to this fee as soon as the finance application is submitted on behalf of the applicant.

(b) In the event that Servius secures an offer of credit on behalf of the applicant (whether the offer is “as proposed” or conditional) Servius will issue a VAT invoice for the administration fee. This administration fee will be payable to Servius within 7 days of the invoice date irrespective of whether the applicant proceeds with the credit facility or not

The applicant is not under any obligation to take up any offer of credit secured by Servius and has the right to take up any other facility offered by any other party separate to this application should they wish to do so.

(c) If Servius receives or holds any funds on behalf of an applicant from whom an administration fee has become due (whether invoiced or not), Servius may retain such monies and contra as may be required to pay any fee at any time a VAT invoice is issued to the applicant.

(d) Any additional work required to support or progress any application that is outside the standard application/proposal process may incur additional charges which will be separately negotiated and agreed and confirmed in writing between parties prior to subsequent additional work being undertaken. If this work is not undertaken it will not in any way negate or cancel (a, (b or c) above.

C2 Responsibility for information.

Servius checks that each application form is fully filled in, but will not be liable for ensuring the accuracy of the information supplied. The accuracy and completeness of the information contained or referred to in any application remains the sole responsibility of the applicant. In every case, it is a condition of Servius submitting an application on behalf of any applicant that that applicant indemnifies and will keep indemnified Servius and its directors against all liability, claims, costs and expenses howsoever arising in relation to the application, the contents of any documentation supplied with it, and the applicant’s response to the outcome of the application.

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